Construction Permanent Yard Code Update

We have been proactive in helping our clients understand how the NCCI code 8227 – Construction Permanent Yard is an example of how you can use to get creative in splitting the payroll for the employees of businesses that use contracting class codes.

On July 1 of this year, the class code changed, making this creative use no longer possible.

With most construction class codes, you can split an employees payroll as they change job tasks, no matter how many times they change jobs during the day, as long as you keep the records. That is no longer the case with 8227. Here’s the text:

“Code 8227 is not available for division of a single employees payroll during a single day.”

So, because of this change, to qualify for 8227, the employee must be in the yard for an entire day, not just a part of the day.

If you have any clients that are splitting their payroll this way, you’ll want to notify them that they can’t any more and this is a good lesson that class codes are not static, they can and do change.

If you have any questions on this please contact us. UNICO Group was named the 2010 National Work Comp Agency of The Year by the Institute of Work Comp Professionals.