Disaster Recovery: Perfectly Essential for Business Continuation and Business Success

As a weather junkie I think that nothing gets your attention like the picture of a tornado in action, or makes a person more sympathetic to it’s victims as the look of the aftermath of a 20 mile run by one our unique weather phenomenon. With all the foul weather in the Midwest and eastern part of the US, and of course the recent triple tragedy in Japan (earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear catastrophe), it makes sense to re-evaluate your disaster recovery acumen and ability to sustain an “event”; whether it is Mother Nature at her harshest, or a human caused incident.

Richard Dolewski addresses the practicalities of Disaster Recovery and how to avoid a severe business interruption in the attached article, worthy of reading for any business but particularly important for technology related businesses. Even though the article is directed to Data Centers and technology related entities, these same principals apply to every business entity. Unitel Insurance Group is considered a leader when it comes to telecommunications insurance.

If you have any questions or if we can assist with your disaster recovery plan, let us know.