Aviation experts

You need a partner to help you design a program that fits the exposure associated with your aircraft or aviation business. Let UNICO show you how our aviation insurance program can ensure your future.

Our aviation insurance risk advisor is able to combine aviation insurance knowledge, in-depth aviation industry experience and a personal commitment to aviation to ensure you have the best coverage for your aircraft and business.

A small single engine cessna parked on the ramp.
Agriculture, low flying yellow plane sprayed crops in the field

Aircraft and aviation business coverages

  • Aircraft & avionics maintenance
  • Airports & FBOs
  • Air ambulance operations
  • Aviation workers’ compensation
  • Corporate owned aircraft
  • Charter aircraft services
  • Flight training services
  • Hangarkeepers legal liability
  • Personal & light sport aircraft
  • UAV/Drones

Additional coverages

  • Aerobatic competitions
  • Aerial photography
  • Airborne law enforcement
  • Airport fuel tanks and fuel trucks
  • Airshows and aviation events
  • Aviation general liability
  • Aviation manufacturers
  • Aviation service vehicles
  • Banner towing operations
  • Borrowers and renters non-owned
  • Commercial non-owned
  • Glider operations
  • Hangars & airport offices
  • Pollution liability
  • Warbirds, antiques & homebuilt aircraft

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