Employee Benefit Consulting


Happy young family spending time together outside in green nature.Strategic, dependable guidance in employee benefits and retirement planning.

The employee benefits puzzle has become increasingly complex, thanks to federal legislation, employee demands, and double-digit cost increases. In fact, cost containment is a mandate at the core of an employer’s financial well-being.

The key to solving this puzzle is working with an employee benefits or financial planning professional who knows how to effectively analyze, price, and design a program to fit your needs. That’s where UNICO steps in. We’ll use our dependable consulting experience to help you identify effective strategies and design programs to carry them out.

As your professional group insurance consultant, UNICO analyzes employee benefits and financial planning data on an ongoing basis, measuring your results to determine whether your current plan continues to meet your needs. This careful statistical monitoring focuses on three areas:

  • Is the plan delivering the desired results?
  • Is it a cost-effective strategy?
  • Are there better alternatives?

A good employee benefits or financial services strategy really comes down to striking a balance between employee expectations and your corporate budget. Let us help you find the balance you need to look ahead to the future with confidence.