Worksite Voluntary

Enhance your employer sponsored benefits.

Voluntary worksite benefits allow you to offer additional insurance options to your workforce at no additional cost to your company. Employees genuinely appreciate you making these benefits available to them in a hassle-free way—easy to understand, easy to enroll, and easy to pay for. And of course, employee satisfaction is key to retention.

business people working at computersAllowing employees to purchase these plans through work offers unique advantages that they may not be able to have if they seek these plans directly.

  • Lower rates
  • Tax savings for both the employer and the employee
  • Guaranteed Issue offers
  • Wellness incentives
  • Maternity benefit strategies
Critical Illness/Cancer Insurance

Our Critical Illness policies cover several major health issues including the “big three”: Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke. Other illnesses also covered include paralysis, organ transplants, bypass surgeries, end-stage renal failure and others.
The benefit is paid on a ”Lump Sum” basis; which means , based on the amount of coverage selected, a specific sum of money will be paid directly to the policy holder upon diagnosis. The amounts range between $5,000. and $100,000.
With great advances in medicine and healthcare, many more people survive these horrible illnesses. These funds can be used in any manner you choose: house payments, groceries, or a family vacation, this tax free money is yours. This policy also has a return of premium at death. If you pass away from anything else not covered, such as a car accident, all of your premium will be paid back to your beneficiaries. Let us explain the advantages of this wonderful program and policy.
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Accident Indemnity

Injuries happen to everybody. They can be big or small.

Active individuals and families who are out there living life and keeping busy, playing sports, hiking, riding a bike, riding in a car, or simply going to work, are exposed to injuries every day.

When least expected, something can happen that causes an injury and that’s when an accident plan kicks in since it begins paying benefits from the moment you decide to see a doctor.

This is one of the simplest and most relevant types of supplemental coverage because everybody goes through several accidents their lifetime. Thankfully, not everybody experiences a serious injury but when it happens, the coverage proves extremely helpful.

What’s an injury?

An injury is an event or act that damages or hurts. This event can be chipping a tooth, slipping, falling, tripping, a car accident, an object flying towards you and hitting you, etc. Most leisure activities are covered except for those considered hazardous such as hand gliding, sky diving, and motor racing (among others).

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Short-Term Disability

If an employee has lost their ability to perform their daily job duties due to an illness or injury, whether for a couple weeks, a couple months, or much longer than that, disability insurance is there to ensure daily home expenses can be met.

  • How long can each of your employees go without a paycheck before they get into serious financial trouble?
  • How much money do they need to meet their basic expenses each month?

When faced with these questions, most employers realize that their employees, like most of American workers, don’t have months’ worth of savings set aside for the unexpected. This makes disability insurance one of the most underserved types of insurance in the U.S.

What is a disability?

A disability happens when a doctor advises a patient to not work at all for a period of time (full disability) or to take it easy and work fewer hours than usually worked (partial disability).

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Hospital Indemnity

For benefits to be payable, an actual hospital admission needs to occur in a standard hospital room. A hospital admission benefit regularly doesn’t apply to short-stay or outpatient procedures, although many hospital indemnity plans have small cash benefits for those instances.

Our hospital plans are highly customizable in order to tailor the benefits to the health plan:

  • Daily confinement benefit
  • Initial admission benefit
  • Surgical benefit
  • Diagnostic tests benefit (MRI, CT Scans, etc.)
  • Emergency ER or accident benefit
  • ICU benefits

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