Employer Education & Services


big meeting at the round table in the officeWhen it comes to employee benefits, employee awareness and engagement is key.

A common quality of successful and high-performing companies is engaged, loyal, and committed employees who believe they are highly valued by management. Second only to salary, a company’s employee benefits program is the way current and potential employees judge how a company values their worth.

The most successful businesses are those that provide substantial, cost-effective employee benefits without undercutting their company’s bottom line. Employees need to fully understand their benefits to be wiser consumers and to develop a greater appreciation of their “hidden paycheck.”

UNICO makes it a priority to help you explain your employee benefits package to employees.

We offer a wide range of communication tools, including online resources, brochures, payroll stuffers, and much more.

When your employees are in need of assistance resolving insurance claims or making financial planning decisions, UNICO account managers are ready to serve as their advocates. Our group insurance consultants and advisors coordinate with your organization or work directly with the employee. During the resolution process, account managers will communicate with representatives from the insurance company, physician’s office, and/or healthcare facility.

UNICO goes to great lengths to solve problems for our clients and their employees, while maintaining complete confidentiality and accountability. The result is an employee benefits plan that provides additional value to your employees and fewer problems for you.