Laptop + Projector Check-Out

Our Current Equipment Includes:

Laptops x 4

Projectors x 2

Projector Screen x 3


  • Equipment can be checked out for:
    • 1-hour
    • Half-day
    • Full-day
  • Check-out times have a 15 minute before and after buffer
  • We offer 3-day maximum checkout for all equipment.
    • Longer checkout times are available, please seek IT approval.
  • Equipment will be locked in a secured cabinet

Checkout Process:

  1. Complete the form below, 24-hours prior to needing equipment
    • If requesting for more than 1 day, you will need to complete the form again to request additional day(s)
  2. You will be notified via email if your request was approved or declined
    • If approved, you will get a calendar notification for a setup time
    • If denied, you will get an email noting the declination
  3. Equipment needs to be returned to Craig Janssen by the end of your check-out period
    • Do not leave equipment unattended. If Craig is away, try back later