August 19, 2011

Big Changes Coming For Your Ex Mod Factor

NCCI has recently announced some news that will have an impact on how your NCCI experience modification factors are calculated. For the first time since 1993 NCCI will be adjusting the Spilt Point. Remember, the experience rating modification is affected by small losses more than by large ones because small losses are more frequent and predictable than large losses. The portions of all losses that are $5,000 (split point) or less, which are termed “primary losses”, have the greatest influence in determining the experience modification. Losses in excess of $5,000 go into the “excess losses”.     Every loss is divided into a primary and excess portion. Since small losses – those less than the split point – have NO excess value, primary losses work as an […]
April 23, 2011

Welcome to our new website!

We are pleased to introduce our new website. A lot of time and effort went into our new site and we are pleased with the results. Snitily Carr did a wonderful job with this and we are excited about how this site will benefit our clients. We have added blogs, social media links, video testimonials and more resources for you. We will be expanding our You Tube page as well to feature videos on a wide variety of insurance subjects especially focused on workers’ compensation. We welcome your feedback on the new site and if you would like to see something added let us know.