P&C Programs


Insurance programs for your telecommunications business.

We offer insurance solutions specifically designed for your industry.

Property damage

Telephone towersWe offer property coverage on a blanket basis using replacement cost without a coinsurance clause. Our property coverage has been enhanced to include such items as towers, antennas, lead-in wiring, dishes, cabinets, nodes, as well as other unique property used by the communications industry. We also include coverage for transmission lines and your underground plant.

Due to the unique risks of the communications industry coverage extensions for business income, extra expenses, on and off premises power failure and your property co-located and off premises are provided.

Our property coverage is designed for your operations and is very comprehensive. Our programs even offer an arson, theft, and vandalism reward to assist with recovery and claim resolution.

Business income and extra expense

Businesses often underestimate the extent of revenue loss and resulting expenses following a loss and find themselves underinsured. Our program offers a generous automatic coverage for business income and extra expense with higher limits available. Because we understand your business and how revenues are generated, we can support you in determining the correct limits to meet your needs.

Special Note: Often a company can have a catastrophic loss to revenue despite not having its own loss. Losses that occur to key suppliers or business partners can greatly impact your business. Does your policy have coverage for losses at dependent properties?

General liability

Our programs offer standard industry limits with enhancements for garagekeepers liability, telephone directory liability, railroad easement agreements, broadcaster’s liability, and Internet Service Providers’ liability coverage.

Special Note: Policy endorsements and exclusions can either enhance or reduce our coverage. We provide critical coverage that our competitors exclude from their program. To avoid a financial blow to your business, call us to discuss how we can further explain these critical additions to a policy and offer you solutions to improve your Insurance program.


An 18 wheeler Semi-Truck on white.

We offer full collision and comprehensive coverage for your fleet. To simplify your auto program, we offer coverage on a fleet automatic basis. Coverage for non-owned and hired vehicles is included as well as the option for full glass coverage.


Cyber-SecurityPic2Our crime coverage is comprehensive and provides an automatic generous limit. In addition to employee dishonesty, our program provides other crime exposures such as robbery and safe burglary; funds transfer fraud and computer fraud. Our employee dishonesty also includes ERISA coverage. Higher limits are available if needed.

Umbrella liability

Higher limits are available to our standard program limits through umbrella coverage.

Directors and officers liability

meeting room in front focus placed sheet of paper and pen on tableWhen considering a directors and officers liability policy it is important to fully understand exactly what coverage you are purchasing. Many options are offered and not all company forms provide equal coverage. By understanding the communications industry we can offer solutions where coverage gaps are created by your general liability policy. Because this is such an important policy that can affect you personally, we are pleased to be able to offer you many of the industry’s best policy forms.

Special Note: Don’t be satisfied just knowing the limit and retention on your policy. There are many important enhancements and coverages that can be added to your directors and officers liability policy that are very important. Have a UNITEL expert explain what important coverages you may be lacking and how we can provide you with a policy to better fit your needs.

Workers compensation

accident reportIf your employee is seriously injured at work, you want to make sure that employee is provided with the best medical care, rehabilitation, and claims service available. This is why it is important that your premium dollars are spent with an insurance company that understands the special exposures of the communications industry. Selecting a company that handles a volume of workers’ compensation business is important to take advantage of the services and expertise they offer. We have partnered with several national carriers we recommend that can deliver the response and service you need when your employee is injured. At UNITEL, we not only match you up with a great insurance company, we have Certified Workers’ Compensation Experts and a claims advocate in our agency that provides additional value at no additional cost to you.

Technology errors and omissions

With technology advancement and the growth of the Internet, many new loss exposures have been unknowingly created. Your professional exposure related to these new risks is one of the most overlooked areas of a company’s insurance program. As each day passes, we read and hear of new losses from our customers and the communications industry. We can help you better understand the financial exposure and options available to you which can help your company avoid and transfer its risk.

Cyber-SecurityPic6Special Note: A general liability policy will cover a physical injury to tangible property. Information is not tangible property. A general liability policy also excludes electronic data. UNITEL has created a comprehensive program that addresses your cyber risk that extends well beyond just a data breach. Don’t let yourself be sold on a policy that is a quick fix to only a portion of the exposure your company faces in today’s cyber world. At UNITEL, our experts are committed to developing comprehensive programs and explaining all your cyber risks. Sometimes it s not just about being ‘first’ but making sure it is done right and in your company’s best interest.

Flood and Earthquake

road-crack-earthquakeFloods and earthquakes can be devastating to all those individuals and companies involved. Losses resulting from these perils are typically excluded from standard insurance policies. Our programs automatically include some limited coverage from flood and earthquake at no additional cost. If there is a need to secure coverage beyond what our program provides, our experts have access to some of the best markets available to fully meet your needs.


UNITEL is a full service agency so it’s not surprising we have a dedicated bond department that can secure the bonds you need to conduct your business. Our bond experts understand your industry which can speed up the process when the timing needs of getting a bond are a challenge. UNITEL has established relationships and experts with securing bonds, making the process as simple as possible. Bonds are not always the easiest to obtain, but our bond experts have secured bonds for our customers in some of the most difficult situations.