Additional Services

bigstock-Hard-Hat-27693155Through our UNICO workcomp solution, you have access to additional services including:


Injury Management

Our team of Certified Work Comp Advisors have the expertise to help you improve your injury management process. This will allow your company to lower costs and increase your profitability.

Some of the key items we can help you address are:

  • Proper communication procedures to ensure prompt reporting of injuries
  • Custom designed injury packets to help employees understand what lies ahead in the event of a work comp injury.
  • Improving or implementing an effective Return to Work Program. We have all the resources you will need to ensure your injured employees are cleared to get back to work in a timely manner.
  • Assistance with medical provider relationships.
  • Ensuring that nurse case management, surveillance or other tools are utilized by the carrier when appropriate.
  • Supervisory and employee training provides an understanding of we can all work together to ensure the best outcome for both the employee and employer.
  • Job description resources

Our goal is to help you establish a clear process for your company and your injured workers. We want to help you ensure the safe and early return to meaningful work for injured employees through proper communication with everyone involved. We have proven outcomes that have helped us lower our clients experience modification factors.


OSHA and Safety Training

Times are changing in the construction industry and it is important you keep up with these changes. In today’s world, safety is a hot topic and the source of frustration for many companies. It is something that requires constant monitoring and must be skillfully managed. This is why UNICO is proud to be able to offer several different types of training on the OSHA standard.

Tom Cockle is a certified Competent Personal Trainer for both excavation safety and confined spaces. Tom’s expertise in shoring, soils analysis, confined spaces and overall job site safety allows UNICO the ability to offer superior service and advice to our contractors. Listed below is an example of some of the topics UNICO can provide for your next shop talk or safety meeting.

  • Requirements for a “competent person” on excavation sites
  • How to conduct a proper visual and manual soil test
  • OSHA regulations for shoring, shielding, benching, and sloping
  • Identifying and controlling hazardous atmospheres
  • The importance of tabulated data
  • How to select the proper protective system
  • General requirements on an excavation site
  • How to handle OSHA inspections on your job site

In addition, UNICO can provide you with a set of OSHA Compliance Manuals that include the following fundamental written programs required for compliance with federal regulations:

  • Safety Program for Injury and Illness Prevention
  • Powered Industrial Truck Training Manual with forms and documentation
  • Hazard Communications Program
  • Worker Right-To-Know Program
  • Lockout/Tagout Manual

Safety requirements for:

  • Personal protective equipment and respirators
  • Fall protection
  • Excavation and trenching
  • Confined space
  • Emergency response
  • Hearing conservation
  • Respiratory protection

For more information please visit the OSHA Website.

You can also review the Frequently Asked Questions provided by OSHA.

Contact Tom Cockle at 402-434-7276 or by email at to find out more. We will update the website when we have our next round of OSHA classes scheduled.

Supervisory Training

Proven solutions that can lower your work comp costs.

UNICO is considered one of the leading work comp insurance brokers in the country. We were named the National WorkComp Agency of The Year in 2010. We are one of only a few brokers in the midwest to have Certified WorkComp Advisors. Our team of experts can provide valuable supervisory training to your team. This training explains how work comp works, how claims financially impact your company, and the key role they can play to help you lower your work comp costs. We speak to groups and associations across the country on workers’ compensation and receive very positive feedback on the information we provide.

To learn more about our services please contact Carl Zeutzius CIC, CWCA, at 402-434-7275 or

Wellness Solutions

Human risk improvement.

People are the greatest asset to business. The better our people perform, the better our services to our customers both internally and externally. Unfortunately businesses spend a lot of time and resources investing in areas that are essential but are not core to the development of people. It is well documented that healthy people are happier and perform at their best. A strong wellness culture physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually can provide a return on investment of six dollars for every dollar invested. Positive outcomes include: improved quality of life, decreased absenteeism, decreased presenteeism (present but unproductive), increased job satisfaction, reduced turnover, as well as decreased healthcare and workers compensation costs. Business with strong wellness cultures are also respected by the public and recognized as great places to work.

UNICO recognizes the need to assist our clients with the development of comprehensive wellness services. Our Executive Wellness Consultant has more than 20 years of experience working with companies as small as five employees to nearly 20,000 people of all types of industry across America.

Our intent is to partner with our clients to provide a program that fits your culture and organizational needs. We feel our services are so beneficial that we are also offering them to organizations that do not currently write business with UNICO as well.

To learn more, visit Wellness Solutions.