Client Connect is a robust tool that helps you save time and reduce cost to support your Property & Casualty coverage and your Benefits and Human Resources services.

Property & Casualty

ClientConnect is a convenient, easy-to-use, online communication solution and risk management resource that improves agency-to-employer communication, saves time and reduces loss costs.

Business owners and managers can access comprehensive industry-specific content and industry news. Core content is updated weekly and classified by your company’s NAICS code so you quickly access the most relevant data using a powerful built-in search engine.

With the optional Employee Portal, you can pass on important information to your employees by using ClientConnect like a company ‘Intranet”.


Benefits & Human Resources

ClientConnect delivers dynamic, self-service benefits and compliance web portals designed with you in mind. Benefits and HR plan administrators can access comprehensive compliance/regulatory and best practice content update weekly, plan information, industry news and wellness content.

Branded with your company logo, employees will have 24/7 access to plan information and decision making tools through he employee portal.

You can educate your employees about the value of their benefits, promote adoption, provide tools to support self-service and even keep employees informed of the latest company news.

Benefits & HR Presentation