About UNICO Group

Where Connections Make a Difference

UNICO Group is a full-service insurance agency, headquartered in Lincoln, NE, with services ranging from commercial insurance, workers’ comp, and employee benefits, to personal insurance and financial planning and human resource solutions. UNICO is dedicated to getting you the best insurance products and services available today, to protect you, your family, and your business.

As an ESOP organization, every one of our team members is a part owner and gets to celebrate our companies’ biggest successes as their own. We take pride in our vibrant culture that is contributed by each of our team members living out a shared set of core values. From professionalism and trust to team players and positivity, our crew meets these values daily to create our family-like environment.

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Our Approach

We take pride in our expertise and know trust can’t be assumed. It has to be earned. And as we earn it, you’ll understand that what we value most are relationships. Our team strives to create connections that are personal, compassionate, and fun. The connections we’ve created and have lead directly to our success.

Our Core Values

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Additional brands in the UNICO family

UNITEL, a division of UNICO Group
Providing risk solutions specifically for the telecommunications industry.

Midlands Financial, a division of UNICO Group
Offering Retirement Plans and Financial Planning that enhance the lives of our clients.


1128 Lincoln Mall, Suite 200, Lincoln, NE 68508
402-625-7246 | inquiries@unicogroup.com

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