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  • Casey Weger
    I was in the process of buying a cotton stripper and I was browsing through a TractorHouse magazine when I saw an ad for UNICO.  I had already checked on rates through a number of other sources, but  UNICO really put in the work to find the best rate.  They got back to me quickly with a couple quotes, but said that he was confident he could find a better rate if I had time to let him keep looking.  Sure enough, he called the following day with a lower rate.  Once I purchased the machine, I called him back and he took care of everything.  It was an A+ experience all around.  Next time I need to purchase equipment, I’ll certainly give UNICO a call.”
    Casey Weger
    Weger Farms, Inc.
  • Steve Curfman
    I own a medium-sized operation out of Minnesota doing sand and gravel.  I got cancelled from my previous carrier and UNICO just went in and got the job done.  They were able to get me into a standard market.  They worked at it like I was family, putting the program together and getting me insured at a reasonable cost.  Anybody can take your money, but to work and get you into the right market and really take care of you – that takes effort.  Those guys really came to bat for me and got the job done, and I’ve just been really impressed.  I won’t go anywhere for insurance but UNICO from her on out.
    Steve Curfman
    Curfman Trucking & Repair
  • Jay Hirsh
    I was looking to purchase an aircraft and was bouncing between three or four that I had found on Controller.com.  I used UNICO throughout the process to run numbers on each, and then to ultimately insure the aircraft I purchased.  Working with them was great!  I worked with the same person every time, and he was super responsive – great service and great support throughout the process.  This was my first experience buying and aircraft, so the whole process was a little new to me, and there are a number of pieces that need to fall together, so it can be complicated.  So it was nice to have a great broker and a great insurance provider throughout the process.
    Jay Hirsh
  • Ben Frederick
    I was a first-time aircraft buyer trying to get some general feedback on quotes for different options.  I went through a couple iterations on aircraft options, then had a lull in the search process.  UNICO reached out to me to see how things were going and kept in contact, which was great.  I eventually found a Bonanza for sale on Controller.com, and was able to get a quick response on an insurance estimate – which was crucial because those Bonanzas disappear pretty quickly.  UNICO bid it out to several companies to get me the best quote, which was really great.  They were very responsive, returning my emails within 10 or 20 minutes, and was so easy to work with.
    Ben Frederick
  • Matthew Bryan
    I used UNICO to get insurance quotes while I was still deciding which plane to buy.  I went from a four-seater to a six-seater, which was kind of a whole different ball game – so I had a lot of questions during the purchase process and after I purchased the plane.  I spent considerable time on the phone with UNICO.  He was very helpful and informative.  Eventually, even though I had also received a quote from elsewhere, I went back to UNICO, primarily because of how much help they provided throughout the whole process.
    Matthew Bryan

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