Industry Specific Programs

Cookie cutter programs can leave you with coverage gaps that you may not aware of.

You need a partner to help you design a program that fits your specific industry and the exposure associated with your business. Let UNICO show you how our industry specific insurance programs can ensure your future.

Aviation Insurance

UNICO specializes in coverage for all kinds of aircraft and aviation businesses, including helicopters, FBOs, charter operators, flight schools and much more. We are able to combine aviation insurance knowledge; in-depth aviation industry experience and a personal commitment to aviation.

  • Airports & FBOs
  • Charter Aircraft Services
  • Aviation General Liability
  • Flight Training Services
  • Hangars & Airport Offices
  • Aircraft & Avionics Maintenance
  • Hangarkeepers Legal Liability
  • Corporate Owned Aircraft
  • Personal & Light Sport Aircraft
  • Warbirds, Antiques & Homebuilt Aircraft
  • Borrowers and Renters Non-Owned
  • Commercial Non-Owned
  • Aviation Workers’ Compensation
  • Airport Fuel Tanks and Fuel Trucks
  • Aviation Service Vehicles
  • Aviation Manufacturers
  • Air Ambulance Operations
  • Airborne Law Enforcement
  • UAV/Drones
  • Airshows and Aviation Events
  • Aerobatic Competitions
  • Aerial Photography
  • Banner Towing Operations
  • Glider Operations
  • Pollution Liability

To learn more, contact call us att 402-434-7200 or contact us here.

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Building Material Dealers

UNICO Group has a team of professionals who understand the unique needs of building material dealers and lumber yards. We partner with the leading insurance companies to provide you with the coverage you need after analyzing your risks. Our workers’ compensation services can help you lower your costs and increase your profitability. To learn more, contact Chad Ideus at 402-434-7274 or

Equine Mortality Insurance

The right protection for your equine investment.

Choose from four different insurance carriers with a variety of deductibles. Up to $10,000 in major medical and up to $10,000 in surgical coverage. Available for all breeds and use, stallion infertility, loss of use, full mortality, and named perils.

equine1Call Ed Packard: 402-434-7204 for more information.


Premium Example Dressage – 3-year-old mare, $20,000 value = $750 annual premium
Pleasure – 2-year-old mare, $2,500 value = $250 annual premium
Barrel Racer – 3-year-old mare, $7,500 value = $282 annual premium


  • $25,000 value = $2,000 annual premium
  • $18,000 value = $1,440 annual premium
  • $ 9,000 value = $720 annual premium
Security Firms

Isolated monitoring cameras on blue sky


UNICO has a team dedicated to understanding this complex industry. We have the resources and industry knowledge to help you take a thoughtful and deliberate approach to handling your difficult insurance needs. We have relationships with the top insurance carriers that cover private security firms. For more information, contact Chris Senkbile at 402-434-5911 or