Tailored solutions for your business

At UNICO, we employ a unique process where we’ll help you find complete solutions to protect your employees and your business. Our exceptional service and attention to detail will save you time and hassle – so you can focus on other aspects of your business and life. And you can rest assured that our industry experts have the knowledge and experience needed to create the best plan for your unique circumstances.

Expertise in your industry

Industrial machinery and the construction crane. Cranes and skyscraper under construction, city skyline at sunset, sunrise Building under Construction site


Our construction team at UNICO understands the complex insurance needs that construction firms face. We are dedicated to helping you navigate through the challenges you face by implementing a specific insurance program that provides you with the solutions you need within the construction industry.


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UNITEL, a division of UNICO Group, is dedicated to providing risk solutions for the telecommunications industry. Teaming up with UNITEL connects you with insurance experts privy to current state and national advances. We’re here to help identify strategies, so that you can best protect every aspect of your business.


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Whether you’re an owner-operator or you manage a large fleet, we understand the specific challenges faced by your business and can offer the right products and services to help you protect it.


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Nonprofits and Social Services

Nonprofits and social services can be faced with unique risks than other industries. In addition to standard coverages to protect your team and workplace, your organization may need specialized coverages based on your mission and the people you serve.


Irrigation system on wheels on wheat field at sunset in spring. Agricultural technologies

Pivots and Irrigation

Making a living as a farmer has never been tougher. As one of the largest independent agents in the region, we have the connections with insurance carriers to provide you with an affordable coverage plan and the service you expect.


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Financial Institutions

UNICO offers a range of customizable insurance solutions to financial professionals, including banks, credit unions, investment firms, private equity firms and more. Our advisors will tailor a plan to protect your assets, from risks to your customers to key persons liability.


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Every manufacturing business faces unique risks. From the type of products you produce to the equipment your team uses. Our range of coverage options will protect you from pollution, recalls, service interruptions and more.


Doctor (gynecologist or psychiatrist) consulting and examining woman patient's health in medical clinic or hospital health service center


Healthcare professionals and medical professionals face a complex spectrum of risks. UNICO provides affordable, comprehensive insurance to professionals in the healthcare industry.


A small single engine cessna parked on the ramp.


We are able to combine aviation insurance knowledge, in-depth experience and a personal commitment to aviation to ensure you have the best coverage for your aircraft and business.