Loss control and safety management

Safety is a hot topic and the source of frustration for many companies. It requires constant monitoring and must be skillfully managed. UNICO offers several different services to keep your company safe and compliant with nationally recognized standards.

Our goal is to help you manage risk and keep your business running smoothly.

construction foreman worker is watching building works on site
construction safety latch tie in

Safety program resources

Implementing and enforcing a realistic safety program can provide many benefits that affect your business and employees. You and your staff best know the needs of your business. We can provide the following resources:

  • Assistance in development and implementation of safety programs tailored to fit your culture and operations
  • Sample policies, procedures and assessments
  • Contractual risk transfer analysis
  • Evaluate current loss control efforts and recommend suggestions for improvement
  • Training and resources to address specific cost drivers (i.e. Slips, Trips and Falls)

Safety meeting app

  • Choose from over 1,100 safety meeting topics
  • Easily document incidents as they happen in the field
  • Complete and store safety checklists or inspections on the app
  • Multi-user subscription plans available
Back view of engineer and inspector pointing fingers at machines in workshop. Man and woman in hardhats and uniform walking on plant floor. Labor or occupation concept

Reduce your insurance costs

We can help you cut costs with an effective loss control action plan starting today. Collaborating with you, we offer the following services and much more:

  • Evaluation of current programs, policies and procedures
  • Statistical analysis of workers’ compensation losses, OSHA 300 logs and loss runs
  • Identification of problem areas
  • Review of experience modifiers for accuracy
  • Development, execution and continued supervision of a loss control action plan
  • Development of new written safety policies and programs

Stay OSHA compliant

Be confident about your OSHA compliance as we assist you in the following ways:

  • Up-to-date materials about the latest OSHA rules and regulations
  • Facility inspection, including evaluation of machine guarding and assessment of physical hazards
  • OSHA 300 Log recordkeeping, including electronic logs and explanation of requirements
  • Coordination of industrial hygiene air and noise standards
  • Regulatory updates about changing standards
Two asian engineering using the tablet for discussion and working at construction on site
construction truck tire close up

Manage drivers

  • Review of driver files
  • Examination of maintenance records
  • Evaluation of CDL drug and alcohol program
  • DOT Compliance assistance
  • Audit prep guide

Proactive risk management

Know your exposures and transfer your risk with our expertise in commercial liability coverage, including:

  • Public liability
  • Product liability
  • Quality control
  • Provide sprinkler system evaluation
  • Assess potential hazards
  • Conduct building evaluations
woman hard hat inventory clipboard

Additional UNICO Services


When you need answers to tough HR questions, where can you go? With UNICO HR, you have direct phone access to HR professionals to give you answers.


Compliance made easy with OSHA recording. OSHA Logs will allow you to track incidents, store data and generate OSHA compliant reports.

Pre-employment Screenings

Employing trustworthy, quality people is a key component in your risk management plan’s foundation, and pre-employment screenings are a fundamental part of ensuring this trustworthiness.

First aid cardiopulmonary resuscitation course using automated external defibrillator device, AED.

Additional Services Available

  • Classroom safety trainings – excavation, confined space, etc.
  • Mock OSHA inspections*
  • Safety toolbox talk topics (also available in Spanish)
  • Return to work programs
  • Solutions for pre-employment fit for hire, DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol screening
  • Facilitated safety kickoff events
  • OSHA Logs and UNICO HR Solutions*
  • OSHA 10-hr outreach training*
  • Adult and pediatric first aid/CPR/AED certification*
  • Powered industrial truck training*
    *Fees may apply

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