Take control of your group health plan

From design and administration to communication, our team will lead you to a custom tailored plan that retains valued employees, attracts qualified candidates, all while helping you stay within budget. As your trusted group benefits advisor, we will continually analyze your employee benefits data to determine whether your current plan continues to meet your needs.

Our unique approach enables us to develop a true partnership aligning our services with the needs of our clients while establishing clear expectations.

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Strategic planning

  • Predict, plan and perform
  • Proactive strategies and services
  • Preparation for future
  • Opportunities and threats


  • Team Size and Focus
  • Experience
  • Proactive Reaction to Needs
  • Effective, Efficient and Respectful


  • Evaluate, examine and predict
  • Team approach
  • Delegation of duties
  • Maximize experience and resources

Group health insurance plans

Fully insured

A traditional group health insurance plan. The insurance company assumes the financial and legal risk of loss in exchange for a fixed premium paid by the employer. The insurance carrier pays health care claims as outlined in the policy.


Level premium

Sometimes called partially-funded, the employer pays a set amount each month. At the end of the year, if the total paid out in claims is greater than the employer’s contribution, the insurance company covers the difference.



Employers retain the risk of paying for their employees’ health care claims themselves, either from a trust or directly from corporate funds. Stop-loss insurance helps limit your exposure in the event of a catastrophic claim.


Connecting you to more

  • Strategic program review meetings
  • Manage ACA and compliance requirements
  • Consistent marketplace updates
  • Section 125, ERISA, etc. services
  • Complete open enrollment support
  • COBRA administration
  • Customized enrollment guides
  • Claim and billing assistance

Boost your benefits package


  • Dental plans
  • Short-term and long-term disability
  • Vision plans
  • Accident and hospital indemnity
  • Group life insurance
  • Critical illness
  • HSAs and FSAs
  • Cancer insurance
  • Dependent care accounts

Online administration

With UNICO’s online software, enrolling and managing benefits online eliminates paperwork, saving you and your employees time.

  • Conduct faster enrollments
  • 24/7 Access via web or mobile
  • Employees can easily compare plan details

Data analytics

We utilize predictive modeling to recommend proactive, curated strategies for your self-funded and level-funded plans.

  • Trends forecasting
  • Identify savings opportunities
  • Securely store and aggregate data

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