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Equipment Maintenance Program

UNICO Group is one of the only insurance agencies that can provide options for you to improve your equipment maintence program.

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The Maintenance Value Plan (MVP) is an alternative Asset Management Program available to a variety of industry groups. MVP utilizes a self-insured approach, helping clients save anywhere from 15% to 40% or more, while allowing them to choose who performs their service and when they want it performed.

Maintenance Value Plan not only saves monies, but tracks these savings in a real time environment that gives clients finger tip access to all aspects of their equipment maintenance program! We can show you not only how to save hard dollars on your current program, but to improve cash flow to your facility, while maintaining the level of service you expect!

MVP can provide you an overall program of protection and capitation, allowing substantial advantages when compared to traditional OEM or Third Party Service Contract approaches.

MVP’s program gives you the ability to consolidate multiple contracts under one overall program. We work with you to identify the equipment within your facility that makes the most sense to include in the program. We then design the program specifically for your facility!

The program is designed around your particular mix of equipment. We can incorporate equipment specific to multiple industry groups.

MVP utilizes the concept of a self-insured retention, which allows your facility to pay a pre-determined contract cost, and then accumulate within the Self-Insured-Retention, all of those sums that are paid to vendors over the term of the contract. If these costs exceed the retention, MVP reimburses the facility for 100% of the approved costs. If the retention is not exceeded, the facility saves additional dollars, holding onto those funds that would have been traditionally expended under service contract.

There are no restrictions on who you can use to perform service on your equipment. If you choose the original equipment manufacturer, or a local vendor of your choice, MVP allows you to make that choice!

MVP does not require you to receive pre-approval for repairs. You call who you want, when you want. There are no penalties for utilizing vendors, or for not contacting us prior to the start of a repair. We realize that you need to maintain your equipment in a timely manner and strict requirements of program managers only cause you extended down time and loss of income.

With MVP, we don’t dictate how you utilize service; we only change how you pay for it!

Contact Carl Zeutzius at [email protected] to learn more.