We will process a refund to the credit card used to make a premium payment if either (a) the insurance policy cancels leaving unearned premium; or (b) we owe you a return of premium because of a premium reduction or other overpayment.  Refunds will be processed to the customer’s credit card within 30 days after the earlier of the date we become aware of the refund owed or the date we receive a refund request from you.  If we owe you a refund in an amount less than the greater of (a) $100; or (b) 5% of the policy premium, we may elect to apply the refund as a credit against future premium payments on your policy unless you request that the refund be processed to your credit card.  If the amount of the refund owed is equal to the full amount of the credit card payment, we may elect to make the refund through the credit card company as a credit to your credit card.  If you cancel your policy, we will not process a refund or bill you for any amount that is less than or equal to $2.00.