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New HR Updates at Our ClientConnect Portal

HR and BenefitsEssentials, the content provider for the ClientConnect benefits & HR library, is now called HR360. In addition to their new name, HR360 has made several content changes that are reflected in the ClientConnect benefits & HR module. A list of those changes is provided below.

Broker Resources/HR & Benefits Content

The HR & Benefits content page, located under the broker resources tab, has been redesigned to match the new HR360 library content. These changes include the addition of many new content links as well as two new content groups called Termination and Recruitment & Hiring. The Financial Planning group has been removed.

HR & Benefits Default Client Home Page Sections
Outlined below are the changes to the HR & benefits default client home page sections

My HR Library

• Benefits Post Employment is now titled Post Termination Employer Responsibilities
• Mandated Benefits & Voluntary Benefits have been merged together under Benefits Overview
• Life Insurance is now included under the ‘Other Employer Provided Insurance’ link

Sample Forms

• Employee Benefits Forms has been replaced with Sexual Harassment Forms
• Financial Forms has been replaced with Workplace Safety Posters
• Miscellaneous HR Forms has been replaced with Audits and Checklists

Reference Desk

• Reference Links has been replaced with Health and Wellness
• At-A-Glance has been replaced with Business Video Library
• Seminars & Conferences has been replaced with Performance Measures
• Meet Our Experts has been removed

Recruitment and Staffing

• Screen Applications & Resumes has been replaced with Recruitment
• The Selection Process is now titled The Hiring Process
• Leased Employees has been replaced with Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)
• Recruitment At-A-Glance has been replaced with Independent Contractors
• FAQs has been removed

Terminating Employees

• Terminating for a Cause is now titled Common Reasons for Terminating
• Disciplinary Procedures is now Disciplining
• Terminations FAQs has been removed

COBRA and Termination Benefits has been redesigned to align with the content provided by HR360.

Financial Planning now contains links to Retirement plans and information.

Law & Government this section was removed because the documents are no longer available in HR360.

Broker Resources/P&C Content

The P&C content page, located under the broker resources tab, has been edited to reflect changes related to the content published by HR360. The OSHA Information section updated links to related content while the Helpful Information section has been removed.

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