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UNICO Group 2016 Recipient of the Governor’s Wellness Award

wellnessAugust 12, 2016, Lincoln, NE. – UNICO Group has been included in the Governor’s Wellness Award at the Sower level. UNICO is now a part of a prestigious group of more than 250 businesses statewide that have received the Governor’s Award designation since 2007. This year, a total of 44 Nebraska employers representing 28 communities are being honored for developing and implementing successful worksite wellness programs.

The Sower Award recognizes that the organization “plants the seed of wellness” by building a comprehensive program to empower the people. By meeting the standards of this award, UNICO Group demonstrates leadership and vision to implement comprehensive worksite health promotion initiatives that positively affect the health, productivity, and bottom line of the organization. Most importantly, UNICO Group has provided the opportunity for employees and families to live a healthy life and improve the quality of life for Nebraskans.

“We feel honored to have qualified for the Governor’s Wellness Award. Our employees are our biggest asset, and we place a huge emphasis on wellness, making sure that all of our employees take care of themselves, both emotionally and physically. We have a committee of key employees that meet monthly to identify ways we can continue to enhance our wellness program which includes; quarterly wellness challenges, team-oriented activities and a flexible work environment that gives employees the ideal work-life balance,” says Scott Nelson, President of UNICO.

The Governor’s Wellness Award was created nine years ago to recognize Nebraska employers who dedicate leadership, resources, and time to wellness efforts in the workplace. The Governor’s Wellness Award is a rigorous one. Each applicant must provide information in the areas of organizational support, data collection, intervention strategies, communication planning, policies supporting healthy behaviors, and outcomes and benefits.