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UNICO Group Announces Strategic Leadership Transition

UNICO Group, a client-focused insurance broker, has officially announced the transition of key leaders, effective January 1, 2024, aimed at supporting the company’s long-term growth and independence. The new leadership structure is designed to reinforce the company’s commitment to strategic vision, operational excellence, and sustainable growth.

The UNICO Shareholders have appointed Tom Champoux, Ric Stoakes, Shane Ideus, Neal Lyons, Ryan Swinton, and Chad Ideus as members of the 2024 Board of Directors.

Tom Champoux, a seasoned professional renowned for his comprehensive risk management and consulting services, will assume the role of Chair of the Board. In this capacity, he will provide strong governance guidelines and spearhead the development of board committees, ensuring robust oversight and strategic guidance.

In line with the restructuring, the Board of Directors have announced the recalibration and appointment of two executive leadership roles.

Ric Stoakes, a visionary leader with a proven track record, will take on the role of CEO, providing enhanced strategic vision and alignment at UNICO. His focus will also extend to leadership over the Executive team and fostering key relationship management with strategic partners.

Shane Ideus will assume the position of President, bringing a focus on accelerating financial performance, providing organizational clarity, and driving strategic initiatives. Shane will also provide leadership to core functions such as the operations, sales, and marketing teams.

These strategic leadership transitions have been carefully designed to fortify UNICO’s infrastructure, ensuring it is robust enough to support the current growth trajectory and future company goals. The new leadership team is poised to drive operational excellence, foster strategic partnerships, and capitalize on emerging opportunities, positioning UNICO for sustained success and growth in the dynamic marketplace.

Board of Directors

Tom Champoux
Board Chair

Ric Stoakes

Shane Ideus

Neal Lyons

Ryan Swinton

Chad Ideus