The UNITEL Approach

At UNITEL, we are dedicated to providing innovative insurance and risk solutions for the communications industry. When you partner with UNITEL, you are connected with experienced Advisors that specialize in identifying strategies to best protect every aspect of your business.

You can rest assured that our industry experts have the knowledge and experience needed to create the best plan for your industry by staying current with the evolving technology and trends.

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Our risk advisors understand the communications industry

As a member of over 45 state and national associations, our industry experts are on the forefront of industry trends; providing a wealth of knowledge and tools to assess the evolving digital world and how they impact your business.

The communication industry brings an array of unique and ever-changing risks. Experience the power of connection and see firsthand how we can effectively work together.

Connected communication partners

Our communication clients range from small WISPs to publicly traded companies.

  • Broadband Provider
  • Telephone Companies
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Wireless and Cellular Providers
  • Radio Stations
  • Line Builders
  • Tower Owners
  • Satellite and Cable Providers
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Business insurance

Customized for the communications industry, our property coverage includes items such as towers, antennas, service drops, auxiliary power generation equipment, dishes, cabinets, nodes and other unique property used by the communications industry.

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What our clients have to say

  • Jean Kerr
    We have been utilizing the services of UNITEL HR Solutions a lot and appreciate them. From the outstanding support via phone when we have questions to the new safety and compliance content everything has been great. The HR and safety training modules are easy to use and I recently attended my first webinar and continue to be impressed. This is a valuable resource that I’d recommend to any size communication company. Thank you WTA for your partnership with UNITEL
    Jean Kerr
    Golden Belt Telephone
  • Hollie Reid
    Deb Trusty and Ryan Keeley are incredibly knowledgeable of the cable tv/telco industry, which makes getting adequate coverage so much easier! They understand what you mean when you say things like: construction, peds, cabinets, co's, dial buildings, etc. When you talk to other agents, there seems to be somewhat of a 'language barrier' when it comes to these types of insurable items.  They never try to sell us more than we need and they make sure to point out both excessive coverages and inadequate coverages that may need adjusted when we renew. Good agents are hard to find. If you find agents you like, you should keep them. Debbie and Ryan are most definitely keepers!
    Hollie Reid
  • James Levash
    "I am very pleased with the open communication and availability of UNITEL's agents.  I would recommend UNITEL for their wide range of available coverage, along with their great support that is always there to help."
    James Levash
    Bug Tussel Wireless
  • Neil Ness
    "UNITEL is always there to help with any questions or getting policies quoted or placed. She is always prompt, pleasant and efficient."
    Neil Ness
    Farmers Union Insurance
  • Tammy Emerson
    "Everyone at UNITEL, from our local agent staff to the claims representatives has been extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly and so very easy to work with.  Their response and turn-around time is lightning fast.  We are nothing short of pleased with our transition to UNITEL. UNITEL brought to our attention areas that were lacking in our former policy which, in our industry, could have had some major  consequences.  The change to UNITEL has provided us with more robust coverage and saved us money. It is apparent that the team are looking out for us personally as a company not just another policy holder."
    Tammy Emerson
    Mosaic Telecom
  • Dave Wolf
    "UNITEL has always done an amazing job for Gardonville. Chris Danielson's guidance and advice extends beyond a typical consultant relationship, it’s more of a partnership. Time and time again, his intuitive nature leads to questions that when he asks, instantly provides “decision making perspective” in the given answer. I value his experience, integrity, dedication and passion for adding value to my company."
    Dave Wolf
  • Terri Bogner
    "Our Company is very satisfied with UNITEL. I enjoy the ease in dealing with our representative and his staff.  Our emails are answered promptly and telephone calls are returned.  They offer cost effective pricing for all of our needs in the Telecommunications Industry."
    Terri Bogner
    Carr Communications
  • Jean Neppl
    "UNITEL does an awesome job for us.  We appreciate their prompt and reliable service, along with their expertise."
    Jean Neppl
    Bank Midwest
  • Sheri Wilkemeyer
    "I recommend UNITEL because they are easy to work with.  Their account reps and account managers are quick to respond to questions, check in with me from time to time to make sure there is nothing I need assistance with, and are very knowledgeable.  They make sure we are happy, don’t have any issues, and that they have done everything they possibly can to help us out. Their claims services department has pleased me the most.  Claims are handled in a timely manner.  No surprises here!"
  • Katie O'Connell
    "Telecommunications is not a straight forward industry for insurance purposes as our insurance needs are changing on a continuous basis.  We have multiple companies and ventures that require much interaction with UNITEL on a very regular basis.  Their knowledge, quick response time and diligence in seeking out answers to difficult questions is very important to us.  I feel working with UNITEL allows for a comfort level that our insurance needs are met timely and accurately. Due to the size and nature of our business we have very regular interactions with UNITEL.  I feel they are very customer service oriented, the claims process is quick and easy, the employees are very knowledgeable and helpful and working with them gives us a comfort level that our insurance needs are being met."

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