UNITEL Communications Insurance

Insurance solutions for the communications industry.


UNITEL is a division of UNICO group, dedicated to providing risk solutions for the telecommunciations industry. Teaming up with UNITEL connects you with insurance experts privy to current state and national advances.Evolving technologies and trends offer a unique set of challenges and opportunities—insurance options being one of them.  We’re here to help identify strategies, so that you can best protect every aspect of your business.

At UNITEL, we provide risk solutions for a wide variety of companies, including:

  • Telephone companies
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Wireless and Cellular Providers
  • Satellite and Cable Television Providers
  • Radio Stations
  • Line Builders
  • Tower Owners
  • Other related technology and communications companies

In addition to pinpointing communications insurance solutions, our team is ready to support your business across all sectors, including:


Western Telecommunications Alliance