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UNICO is happy to announce that four of our Business Risk Advisors are officially Commercial Risk Consultants; Megan Hatch, Adam Johnson, Chris Senkbile and Dan Mickells have completed all education and licensing requirements.

Why did you decide to become a Risk Consultant?

Megan Hatch, CPCU, AIC, CWCA

Being able to utilize the consultant fee structure really opens up the number of clients I can serve. The transparency created by a fee structure builds trust between the client and myself. It adds another level of accountability that all advisors should demand.

Adam Johnson, FCLS, FCLA, CWCA

I became a consultant because I am a strong believer in continuing education. Nothing is static in this industry and it is important to stay on top of new developments to better serve the clients. I intend to use the license simply as another tool to help our clients.

Chris Senkbile, CLCS, CWCA

I became a consultant so that I could offer more customized fee structures. I believe it will give clients a greater level of transparency with the services we provide, resulting in a deeper level of trust with my clients.

Dan Mickells, CPCU, AIC, ALMI, CWCA

I’ve always thought of education as my difference maker. Earning my consulting license was the next step in continuing my education. My goal has always been to do the best that I can to best manage my clients’ overall risk exposures and needs. It’s another tool to help achieve that goal.