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Cybersecurity Insurance Checklist

Data breaches, ransomware attacks and social engineering are occurring more and more over the past decade. Businesses of all sizes and industries are becoming targets of cyber criminals. Among increasing frequency and severity of cyber attacks, insurance carriers expect insured to have certain cyber defenses and procedures in place.

Use this checklist to ensure you have the protections and procedures that insurance carriers expect now.

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Multi-factor Authentication

  • Two-factor authentication on important logins
  • IT staff to enforce multi-factor authentication

Email Best Practices

  • Proper deletion of phishing emails
  • Proper strength of password protections
  • Employee phishing avoidance training

Cyber Response Procedures

  • Have you developed cyber attack responses internally?
  • Has the process been tested and simulated?

Internal Cyber Committee

  • Are there regular educational meetings internally?

3rd-party Cyber Analysis

  • Certification
  • Penetration testing
  • Dark scans

Updated AV Software

  • Is your anti-virus software current?
  • Is your anti-virus centrally managed?

Vendor and Customer Contracts

  • Limits
  • Coverages

Password Best Practices

  • 3rd-party application
  • Modify default and commonly used passwords
  • Regular changes for network and desktop

Regular Data Backup

  • Use consistent backup practices
  • Offline “air gapped” backups

The loss prevention information and advice presented in this document is intended only to advise our clients, customers and business partners of a variety of methods and strategies based on generally accepted safe practices, for controlling potentially loss producing situations commonly occurring in business premises and/or operations. They are not intended to warrant that all potential hazards or conditions have been evaluated or can be controlled. They are not intended as an offer to provide insurance coverage for such conditions or exposures, or to imply that UNITEL Insurance Group will provide such coverage. The liability of UNITEL Insurance Group is limited to the specific terms, limits and conditions of the insurance policies issued, if any.