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Have You Scheduled Your Safety Kickoff Event?

As winter slowly dissipates and the onset of spring is upon us, you and your employees are returning to work for another busy season. Your company is constantly changing to stay relevant in this competitive marketplace and one of those changes is hiring additional help for the volume of work you are expecting. In the weeks prior to your busy season it is the perfect time to hold a “Safety Kickoff” event.

At this kickoff, bring everyone together to go over your company’s mission statement, culture and share your goals and expectations for the upcoming season. With your seasonal employees being off the past few months, the thought of safety and safe practices may have been pushed to the back of their minds. They may have forgotten about some of your important policies and procedures, so this event allows you to reeducate and train your employees, as well as share any new rules or regulations. Retraining your employees at the beginning of the season will help to increase awareness of the different risks they will encounter on your jobsites and will hopefully decrease the frequency of accidents and injuries. Emphasizing the importance of safety in everything you do keeps your employees safe and productive and having a Health and Safety Management System in place will ensure you are pro-actively taking the necessary steps to reduce your company’s accidents and injuries.

If you’ve recently revamped your Employee Handbook and Policies and Procedures, this is also a great time to review these changes and have your employees sign off that they have read, and understood, these updated documents.

UNICO offers numerous trainings to help prevent workplace injuries. Please contact Chad Van Ostrand at [email protected] for additional information.