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Our Latest Risk Management Newsletter

It is February already and I think I can see a hint of Spring just over the horizon. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to get there. I am tired of cold, wind, rain and snow and I am willing to bet that you are too. As we head towards that ultimate destination, here are a couple of things to think about regarding your risk management activities.

You may want to take this relatively “quiet time” to think ahead and get ready for the busy plant construction season that includes the use of contractors as they can bring a substantial amount of liability and extra costs to you. They must be “good” contractors that you have vetted completely (before hire) or else the possibility exists that they will bring you more trouble than you planned on. See my data sheet elsewhere in this issue for the full details on selecting a contractor. You will be glad you did.

How about your company vehicles and the drivers in them? After a long and cold winter are they ready to meet the summer busy season? The drivers need to understand your safe driving policy, be fully trained and knowledgeable in safe driving techniques. In addition, those vehicles they use need to be serviced and in great condition to take on another busy summer season. By the way, is your driver safety policy fully up to date? (Contact me for my sample Telco fleet safety policy template). In the meantime, please check out the short article in this issue regarding driving distractions and what to do about them.

Do you have a safety committee? I know what you are thinking. This is just a small company and we all know about safety on the job. That is something that could be up for debate because after you read the included article on safety committees here you will begin to see the value of such a group. Even a three-member committee can offer advice, information and assist the management with their regulated and required safety obligations. Who doesn’t want some help with a sometimes-onerous task of maintaining a safe workplace?

UNITEL Insurance Group has a fantastic risk management department with much to offer in the way of help and advice. Our services are free and after 25 successful years, our commitment to the independent telecommunications industry is undeniable. Try us out and you will see for yourself. Have a great February and you better start dusting off those flip flops and sunglasses because it won’t be long before you need them.

February Risk Managment Newsletter