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Filing an insurance claim can seem like a daunting task, especially following devastating events like fires or severe weather. Below is a list of useful information to make your claim filing experience as smooth and easy as possible.

Navigating Property Claims (1)

Protect property from further damage

  • Cover the property if it is exposed to the elements.
  • Make temporary repairs, if reasonable and necessary, to protect the property from further damage.
  • Maintain a record of all expenses incurred.
  • Separate damaged from undamaged personal property.

Take photos of damage (if possible)

Prepare an inventory of damaged personal property

  • List quantity, description and value.
  • Attach bills, receipts, estimates and related documents.

Retain damaged property until a claims adjuster approves its disposal (unless a danger to safety exists)

  • The adjuster may need to inspect the property.
  • The insurance company may be able to salvage the damaged property.

Notify police in the case of theft

Expect to be contacted by the claims adjuster within two working days.

  • If the damage significantly affects your continuing living/operations, we will request that the insurance carrier expedite your claim.
  • Please let us know immediately if your circumstances change and this loss will have a greater impact on you personally/your business than originally anticipated.
Please call your UNICO Personal Insurance Advisor if you have not been contacted within that timeframe.

Be prepared to provide additional information as requested by the claims adjuster