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UNITEL Now Offers Innovative HR Solutions

UNITEL Insurance has an outstanding human resources service called UNITEL HR Solutions. When you need answers to touch HR questions, where can you go? Your lawyer? Friends? The web? These options either cost too much or leave you with incomplete answers. You have direct phone access to HR professionals to give you answers you can trust.

•Direct access to certified SPHR/PHR consultants with the HR Hotline. Receive immediate guidance and best practices advice to handle the toughest HR issues swiftly, and get right back to business. Calls last 35 minutes on average and most are also followed up with a written summary.

•Unlimited access to self-paced training with over 200 on-demand employee training courses available.

•A comprehensive online HR Library which has step-by-step guides for federal and state law compliance, COBRA and FMLA and thousands of invaluable templates, forms, guides and online tools.

Stop searching and start finding accurate information that applies to the situation at hand!

With UNITEL HR Solutions you are able to obtain immediate HR answers from real people. Below are some of the things you will have access to:

•Calls are answered Live – every day, every time so that you are not left waiting hours or days for answers to your HR questions

•11 hours of accessibility every business day, 8am-7pm CST

•National scope and expertise

•Senior level experienced HR professionals with PHR and SPHR designations

•Written summaries of calls are always available

•Answers are provided in easy-to-understand “plain English”

•E-mail is provided as an alternative to live telephonic support

•Advisors take time to understand specific situations so they can render sound and actionable guidance or perform appropriate follow-up research

•Easy access to HR Advisors who will provide general information, answers for difficult HR questions and second opinions on complex HR situations

You can learn more here and see a 3 minute video on this service that can help your company save money and increase your level of HR compliance.

Contact Carl Zeutzius to learn how you can start using UNITEL HR Solutions at 402-434-7275 or [email protected].