The Importance of Pre-employment Screenings

Employing trustworthy, quality people is a key component in your risk management plan’s foundation, and pre-employment screenings are a fundamental part of ensuring this trustworthiness.

Key benefits to your business

Frasco® Profiles consults with you to discuss needs, provide program recommendations, a proposal and overview of services, contract requirements and coordinate the implemnetation process.

  • Personalized level of service
  • Technology and ease of use
  • Globally compliant applicant portal
  • Legal compliance support and expertise

Comprehensive services brought to you by Frasco Profiles

  • Criminal research
  • Verifications and credentialing
  • Identity verification
  • Social media investigations
  • Civil (litigation) research
  • Fitness for duty physical exams
  • Healthcare screening
  • Government contractor screening
  • Driver/transportation screening
  • Financial/insurance screening

About Frasco

Our partnership with Frasco® Profiles provides employment screening services to help further mitigate your business risk while protecting your employees, customers and brand. With a laser focus on compliance, flexibility and outstanding service, Frasco delivers on our promise to help you Decide Without Doubt.™

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