Injury record keeping made easy with OSHA Logs

OSHA Logs will allow you to track incidents, store data and generate OSHA compliant reports.

Features and functions

Ask Incident Advisor

Use the Ask Incident Advisor to determine which injury or workers’ compensation claims to include in OSHA reporting.

Print a Form

Avoid potential errors by allowing the OSHA Log Print a Form feature to do all the calculations. Simply download, print and post the 300A report.

User Setting Page

Easily control your product experience and OSHA Log setting preferences with the User Setting Page.

Watched Establishments

View only the establishments that are important to you with Watched Establishments.

Feedback Form

Share your feedback on the OSHA tool through the Feedback Form. This feedback will help drive the future feature enhancements.

Incident Analysis Reporting

Understand where you fall in comparison to national averages with Incident Analysis Reporting. You can review and compare establishment data for OSHA recordable incidents, days away from work case and days away/restricted/transfer cases (DART) to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data.

Record an Incident

Capture all required information with the Record an Incident wizard that guides you through the documentation process.

Electronic Reporting

Electronic Reporting makes it almost effortless to comply with the OSHA electronic reporting rule. Export data as a CSV file and submit it to OSHA.

Archived Establishments

Prevent errors in reporting incidents to inactive establishments with Archived Establishments.

Automated Email Reminders

Remain in constant compliance with Automated Email Reminders, which send annual alerts for Form 300A deadlines and prompt you to complete unresolved incidents.

Onboarding Introduction Tutorials

Walk through key OSHA Log features with the Onboarding Introduction Tutorials.



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Non-client $1,100

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