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Transportation Cybersecurity Scorecard

The transportation sector increasingly faces cybersecurity challenges in today’s interconnected world. As the industry embraces digital transformation and relies on interconnected systems and networks, it’s crucial to prioritize and safeguard the integrity, confidentiality and availability of critical transportation infrastructure

Therefore, a comprehensive cybersecurity scorecard is a valuable tool for assessing the overall security posture of companies in the transportation sector.

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Cyber Risk Scorecard

This scorecard highlights key areas of focus, including network security, data protection, access control, patch management, incident response, employee awareness, vendor and supply chain security, regulatory compliance, security governance and cybersecurity incident reporting.

Please assign a score from 0-5 for each question based on your organization’s compliance or implementation level.

A higher score indicates a better cybersecurity posture. Consistently evaluating and updating the scorecard will aid in monitoring progress and pinpointing areas for enhancement.

Download your Cybersecurity Risk Scorecard


Based on the results above, calculate your current level of risk. If your risk is very high – moderate, connect with an Advisor how your business can improve its cybersecurity practices and procedures.

Very High Risk

0 – 50

High Risk

55 – 75

Moderate Risk

80 – 95

Low Risk

100 – 120

Jerod Vetrovsky, CWCA

Commercial Risk Advisor