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UNICO Group Announces Addition of Twelve New Shareholders

UNICO Group’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce its newest twelve shareholders Alysha Border, Liz Chramosta, Marci Elam, Duana Freeman, Lori Gerdts, Matt Gilbert, Jay Lechner, Cortney Moderacki, Mike Reed, Cynthia Reinsch, Mallory Seger and Jennifer Wiederspan.

Becoming a shareholder at UNICO is a high honor that is earned by demonstrating a strong commitment to UNICO in tenure, performance, and by serving others in our community. UNICO continues to expand its shareholder base as a critical component propelling the company forward. We are very proud of our new shareholders and their contributions to our growth.

Alysha Border

Shared Services Team Lead

Alysha joined UNICO in 2005 and leads our shared services staff, who assist our operations team.

Liz Chramosta

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Liz joined UNICO in 2016 and manages the company’s strategic planning ventures, various high-level initiatives and supports the marketing team with event planning and copy write.

Marci Elam

Senior Account Manager

Marci joined UNICO in 1995 and services our largest clients in the trucking and contractor industries.

Duana Freeman

Work Comp Claims Advocate

Duana joined UNICO in 2009 and is an expert in managing the costs associated with workers compensation insurance and leads the claims team.

Lori Gerdts

Director of Human Resources

Lori joined UNICO in 2018 and manages our company’s HR ventures and team.

Matt Gilbert

Vice President  |  Risk Advisor

Matt joined UNICO’s communication division, UNITEL, in 2019 and identifies coverage gaps, emerging risks and strategic alliances for his clients.

Jay Lechner

Vice President  |  Benefits Advisor

Jay joined UNICO in 2019 and focuses on advising our benefits and communications clients on group health plans.

Cortney Moderacki

Senior Account Manager

Cortney joined UNICO in 2014 and services our largest and most complex accounts while managing and leading a team of account managers.

Mike Reed

Vice President  |  Risk Advisor

Mike joined UNICO’s communication division, UNITEL, in 2009 and advises clients on risk, provides solutions, and is involved in numerous state, regional and national communications associations.

Cynthia Reinsch

Senior Account Manager

Cynthia joined UNICO in 1995 and serves our largest clients with a focus on social services and communications.

Mallory Seger

Senior Account Executive

Mallory joined UNICO in 2012 and serves our large and self-funded benefits clients.

Jennifer Wiederspan

Senior Account Manager

Jennifer joined UNICO in 2017 and services our largest commercial clients with a specialty in large property schedules and those in the communications industry.