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UNITEL Client Spotlight: Lynxx

1. Brief description of your operations

Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company was established in 1907 with the purpose of bringing telephone service to residents, farmers and various businesses in the rural areas of Juneau County, Wisconsin.  The company was originally named New Lisbon Mutual Telephone company.  The name was changed in 1931 to Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company.  It is a stockholder owned company with many of the stockholders’ families having owned stock for multiple generations.  Today there are more then 200 shareholders.  As the company has grown over the years, Lemonweir Valley Telephone and LVT Corp (a subsidiary of Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company) created a DBA named Lynxx Networks.  This name reflects both the local fiber network connecting its residential and business customers and the external statewide network provided by the Wisconsin Independent Network also known as WIN. Lynxx Networks provides voice, internet and television services.  Its ILEC area is covered by a state of the art fiber optic network.  As part of its strategic plan to grow, it now provides fiber rich internet and voice services to businesses in CLEC communities. Today in terms of the area it serves, a 65 mile corridor along the 1-90/1-94 Interstate system in the central and west central portion of Wisconsin.  Currently, Lynxx Networks employees 18 people.

2. What challenges do you face?

Competition in voice, broadband and video offerings.

3. What’s unique about your team atmosphere?

At Lynxx we view ourselves as a family. Our employee family is united by a common goal of serving our customers, and we strive do so with an excellence that separates us from our competition.

4. What are some exciting things you have done and are looking to do in the future?

When our CEO, Jim Costello, started at Lynxx, our network covered 18 miles of the 1-90 / 1-94 corridor. Today, we cover 65 miles of that corridor, providing service from Mauston to West Salem, WI. We pride ourselves in bringing gigabit technologies to the rural communities we serve.

Looking to the future, we will continue to expand. We plan to bring our networks into more communities and bring the latest technologies to business parks and business districts.

5. What is something about your company that most people don’t know about?

Lynxx started in 1907; we’ve been serving western-Wisconsin communities for 110 years now.

6. Tell us a little bit about working with Chris and UNITEL?

Chris has been a joy to work with over the many years that he has served our company. He understands the ins and outs of the telecom industry and has always supported us at the highest level. Having an agent who understands our industry is mission-critical when purchasing insurance services, and Lynxx has been in great hands with Chris.

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