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Sasquatch spotted in Lincoln!

Sasquatch spotting at UNICO Group in Lincoln, Nebraska

A sasquatch was spotted recently at a local insurance broker, UNICO Group. Do not be alarmed, the sasquatch appears friendly and impeccably well dressed.

Shane Ideus, Executive Vice President, was the first to spot the large, hairy giant. “I wasn’t too concerned at first. I thought one of our guys got a little too carried away with no shave November.” said Shane Ideus.

UNICO was a proud sponsor for the Boy Scouts of America, Cornhusker Council’s annual fundraising event—Scouting with Sasquatch.

Check out the encounter below   

About Cornhusker Council Boy Scouts of America

Cornhusker Council Boy Scouts of America has committed to provide education, community, and fun for the young people of Lincoln, NE and beyond no matter what the status of the world. With so much uncertainty and change in the air surrounding COVID-19, we hope to be a place of stability for the youth we serve.