Mergers and acquisitions consulting

Whether you are the buyer or seller, UNITEL can help you navigation the potential liabilities associated with the transaction, and ensure you are properly protected and have insurance in place to protect your assets.

Our transactional services guide and protect both pre-acquisition and post-acquisition.


Pre-acquisition process

  • Review current policy and company structure
  • Evaluate and recommend tailored solutions
  • Prepare integration and policy recommendations

Post-acquisition process

  • Execute pre-sales integration plan
  • Bind and consolidate applicable policies
  • Modify a unified service plan

Complete transaction guidance

Consulting services

  • Policy Transition and Risk Management Integration Assistance
  • Claims Analysis
  • Policy and Coverage Review
  • Risk Profile Assessment

Key knowledge

  • Industry Awareness
  • Peer Benchmarking
  • Due Diligence and Assistance
  • Confidentially and Secure Processes

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