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Enhancing Road Safety with Dash Cameras

Distracted driving remains a very big issue, especially in the telecommunications industry. The ways that a driver can get distracted is nearly endless with cell phone use, navigation and infotainment systems, chatting with passengers, eating and more.

Drivers should be aware that anything that diverts their attention from driving is dangerous. Humans tend to think we can multitask, but we just can’t while driving. Read this article to learn more about dash cameras for driver safety.

View from the driver's seat of a truck of the highway and a landscape of fields at dawn.

How to Use Dash Cams and Implement a Policy

While it’s not popular with drivers, there is really only one way to be sure employees are avoiding distractions. And that’s to use dash cams that film both forward and back. It’s important to explain to drivers that even though the cameras constantly record, footage isn’t saved unless there’s an incident. If there is a crash or collision, the recording is saved as evidence.

Knowing a camera will capture their every move is the best way to alter a driver’s safety habits. However, it is important that dash cams are used in a vacuum. A combination of policies aimed at training and enforcement related practices are the best approach to preventing distracted driving accidents. Keep the following best practices in mind when crafting your driver safety program.


1. Draft a policy and educate all employees
  • A written policy informs employees on what they must to do remain safe and gives you a way to enforce rules
  • If you don’t have rules in writing, they aren’t enforceable and won’t hold up in a court if a crash occurs that may have been caused by distracted driving
  • If your policy requires dash cams be turned on and functioning, employees need to accept that as part of their job
2. Train drivers on the policy
  • Use this time to address any concerns employees may have about the rules
  • Remind employees that cameras can protect them against legal proceedings in case of a crash, if they were obeying the rules
3. Enforce policy rules
  • To properly enforce rules, you must have ways to observe if they are being broken
4. Keep the policy in view
  • To ensure drivers are following and remembering the policy, you must continue to remind drivers about it
  • Employers can utilize posters, safety meeting discussions, in-house newsletter reminders, and dash signage

Dash Cams Can Prevent Distracted Driving

Dash cams have been proven to change driver behavior. In addition to recording accidents caused by other at fault drivers, your employed driver knows they are being recorded and that there are consequences for not obeying company policies. A camera can undeniably prove that the driver disobeyed company policies, which is punishable by disciplinary action. Hopefully, over time you won’t have to go there because your policy, training, and supervision will help drivers be safer on the road. This in turn reduces the potential for claims and may even reduce your company insurance costs.

In addition to the best practices above, feel free to reach out to UNITEL Risk Management for more support.