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Maximize Your Health Care Visits with Telemedicine

Telemedicine allows people to seek basic primary care and other services without having to leave their homes, making it a convenient, efficient and often less expensive way to receive health care.

Although telemedicine is not a complete replacement for direct patient care, it can be a useful tool for a variety of medical services, such as evaluation, diagnosis and prescribing treatment.

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Routine Visits

The simplest way to begin integrating telemedicine into your life is by shifting your routine visits to the virtual setting. If your primary care physician agrees that your routine visits can safely be conducted over the computer. By shifting routine visits online, you will have more time back in your day that would have been spent commuting and in the waiting room.

After-hours Visits

While in-person doctors generally work during regular business hours, telemedicine provides the option of seeing a healthcare provider outside of business hours. This is especially helpful when experiencing an illness on a weekend or when a physical doctor’s office is closed. While some cases may still require an in-person visit, telemedicine can often provide a quicker solution, saving both the doctor and patient time.

Mental Health Visits

Telemedicine provides a beneficial option for mental health care services. Online mental health services are a great alternative if you struggle to find time to physically see a specialist or feel uncomfortable doing so. They offer convenience and can be done from the safety and comfort of your own home.

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