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UNITEL and WTA Celebrate the Continued Success of Communications Benefits Program

WTA and UNITEL celebrate the continued success of the UNITEL Communications Benefits Program to WTA members.

WTA Representatives Derrick Owens, Jimmy Todd, Kelly Worthington and David Shipley were presented with a check from UNITEL’s Matt Gilbert, Mike Reed, Ric Stoakes and Shane Ideus to help fund WTA’s goals:

  • Advocacy & Government Affairs:
    Maintain a highly effective government relations program to protect and advance the interests of Members.
  • Member Service & Growth:
    Provide expertise, forums, programs and services to support Members.
  • Communications & Industry Image:
    Communicate consistent messages about the industry and its role in rural development.
  • Education & Conferences:
    Be recognized for offering quality education, conferences, best practices and access to expertise.
  • WTA Leadership & Structure:
    Govern, manage and maintain a highly effective and nationally respected association.

In the last 6 months, UNITEL has seen a 19% increase in its benefits program for WTA Members.

“Through our continued partnership with WTA, UNITEL has been able to provide communications employers with affordable health benefits for their employees. It’s our goal to continue to grow and improve our Communications Benefits Program by utilizing the strength of our partner associations.” said Mike Reed, UNITEL Risk Advisor. “We still have room to expand our current offerings to build a robust, affordable program for all WTA members.”

Matt Gilbert, UNITEL Risk Advisor said, “Being able to comfortably add executive employer and employee is a game changer for many members and their organizations. By expanding their benefits package, companies can attract better talent and reward leadership.”

About WTA

WTA is a member-driven association strengthening the ability of its members to provide affordable, advanced broadband and communications services in rural America through advocacy and education.


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