February 24, 2017

UNITEL and WTA Expand Partnership with HR Services

WTA is providing 6 months of this valuable service at no cost to its members. UNICO HR Solutions is available to assist members in navigating the constantly changing health care environment, including new Affordable Care Act requirements, as well as hundreds of complex employment law issues relating to hiring, termination, discrimination, pay and classification, time off/FMLA continuation, COBRA, employee relations and employee safety. Our cloud-based HR platform integrated with live experts helps you to resolve urgent workforce issues and ensure HR compliance, as well as offering over 200 online HR and safety courses. You can learn more at UNITEL AND WTA HR Partnership
March 9, 2016

HR Tip: Mindfulness Replacing Multitasking

One of the buzzwords of the hour is “mindfulness” – being focused and fully present in the here and now. Employers such as Google and General Mills offer classes on it, as do several prominent business schools. Proponents argue that substituting mindfulness for multitasking reduces stress and increases productivity. The barrage of information and demands from digital and non-digital resources is endless. It’s easy to see the relationship to safety and accidents; a worker who trips and falls while talking on a cell phone can be a costly injury. Neurologist Dr. Romie Mushtaq says the physiological benefits of clearing away distractions and living in the moment have been documented in many scientific and medical studies. Mindfulness enhances the brain’s efficiency, creativity and sharpness, whereas multitasking […]
October 28, 2015

Prospective Employee Background Checks

Question: May an employer perform a background check on prospective employees? If so, when? Answer: Background checks are permitted; however, in general, they should not be completed before an employer has made the employee an offer of employment. Background checks provide employers with the means to verify the accuracy of information provided by a job applicant as well as gain other information about an individual that is relevant to employment. For example, a background check may verify previous employment, salary, education, and any of the following, as applicable: Military service records Driving records Credit records Social Security number Character references State licensing records Criminal records Employers may utilize a third party to collect background check information or personally gather information through computerized and posted public […]