November 20, 2020

Data Security Through Employee Education

Implementing a strong data security training program for employees can help your company retain high standards for data protection across the organization.
October 2, 2020

Tech Insurance Terms to Know

These specialized technology insurance terms are some of the most common you will need to know to best understand your technology insurance protections.
June 17, 2014

Who, What, and Why of Cyber Liability

WHO Needs Cyber Liability Coverage? Any communications company engaged in providing computer services, Internet services or those companies using the Internet in its everyday course of business. WHAT Activities Create Cyber Risk? Use of Email • Support of Webmail • Internet Service Providers • Dependence on Network Services • Electronic Storage of Customer Information • Storage of Third-Party Trade Secrets and Data • On-Line Advertising and Marketing • Web Site Design, Development & Ecommerce • Web Site Activities (Content, Links) • E-Commerce • E-Brochures/E-Catalogs • E-Bill Payment • Internet/Digital Media • Electronic Bulletin Boards or Social Interaction WHY Does My Customer Need Cyber Coverage? A General Liability policy will cover a physical injury to TANGIBLE property. Information is not TANGIBLE property. A General Liability policy also EXCLUDES electronic data. Claim Examples: 1. Trademark Liability ISPs are liable for their own activities that constitute trademark infringement. As a result, if an ISP were to advertise their services under a trademark that […]